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Svet BEZ roaming-a .... Jedini mobilni telefonski servis koji vam treba.
NO roaming fees !?
Use 2 Gold SIM Travel cards
and talk to each other for only
  I can not believe it!
This is the first comment we usually hear when we present Gold SIM Travel service and all its unique features, as well as its many advantages over other mobile services offered by other mobile operators.

Gold SIM Travel service is unique and unsurpassed
in all respects in the world of mobile telephony.

Check all the special features to understand Gold SIM Travel service is the best global mobile service.
Huge savings
The cost of calls made from a certain country is specific to that country and the rate is the same to all destination countries and all phones, landline or mobile.

For example, if you are making a call from Austria to Norway, America or Australia, Japan...
the cost of the call is the SAME in each case. It does not matter if you are calling a landline or a mobile phone number - the price of the call always remains the SAME.

Gold SIM Travel service is very often
6 - 10 times cheaper
than your local mobile service.
FREE incoming calls
in 150 countries
o.19 Eur/min
Special Rate
Mobile Miles Global Partners
Mobile Miles Global Partners