You can add a second number to your Gold SIM Travel card. Available are UK and US numbers. This means you can have two active numbers and you can receive calls to both numbers. If you have business partners in the UK or USA, you can give them the option of calling you at the number that is more convenient and cheaper for them.
Outgoing calls charged at standard rates
Incoming call to an added
USA number is charged at o.15/min
Incoming call to an added UK number is FREE !!!
Monthly fee for the second number is 5
Extraordinarry solution for those who want to separate calls from different types of callers.
2 numbers on 1 SIM card !!!    
Second Number
UK or US number added to your card
Customer can decide which one of his two numbers will be displayed as his Caller ID
Once you receive your new UK number, dial from your phone:  *146*302# Call

Your UK number will be shown as your Caller ID.
Caller ID - Display your UK number
To show Estonian number, dial *146*301# Call
To check Caller ID status, dial *146*300# Call
To request 2nd Number for your Gold SIM Travel card click here
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